Building the future of affordable communities

In the last 28 years, working with community partners and funders, DASH created more than 1,000 units of housing to support individuals and families in the Eastside workforce, seniors and individuals with special needs.

DASH recognizes that our community grows stronger when people can afford to live near where they work; where employers and employees alike receive the benefit of local transportation, schools, parks and amenities to support a vibrant, productive workforce; and where state and local government agencies, private and non-profit organizations come together to create partnerships supporting community goals and a sustainable future for all constituents.

With our partners we help create and preserve affordable communities in King County for a variety of income levels with the goal of financial advancement and sustainability for individuals and families. We envision a community where everyone has the right to live in a quality, safe, well-maintained home.

A Little Bit About Our Past

In 1991, Bellevue was a thriving economy, with booming business, technology and real-estate expansion. While much of the Eastside reaped substantial benefit from this growth, it also had a downside. Home values and rental markets were quickly pricing the average working family out of the marketplace. The Bellevue Downtown Association recognized this troubling change; from this lack of available options, DASH was founded to demonstrate that affordable workforce housing was viable in Downtown Bellevue.

Founded on the premise that everyone has a right to a quality, safe, well-maintained home, for the last 28 years DASH has quietly, methodically and strategically gone about the business of acquiring, building and maintaining quality housing to support low to moderate individuals and families on the Eastside.

Recently, including the historic economic crisis beginning in 2007 required us to refocus energy to ensure viability and future sustainability. To achieve these goals, DASH took a three-pronged approach: investment in building infrastructure and improvements; restructuring of loans to reduce debt and improve cash flow; and recruitment of board members with specific talents and expertise, to support strategic objectives and position DASH for future growth.

Reframing For The Future

DASH has positioned itself for sustainability and growth by:

  • Investing in infrastructure including major improvements to Evergreen Court
  • Restructuring loans to reduce debt and improve cash flow
  • Recruiting board members with specific talents and expertise to support our strategic objectives

The Future – Our 5 Year Plan

Our strategic plan, DASH – Cornerstone Of Your Community 2015 – 2020, identifies three over-arching and mutually dependent strategic goals that build on the foundation of the past twenty five years and propel us into the future.

  1. Operational Strength – create sustainability and flexibility by:
    • Securing $1,000,000 pre-development dollars to fund future growth.
    • Committing to five years of reserves to fund operations through strategic plan cycle.
  2. Community Impact – delivering our Mission’s promise by:
    • Increase availability of affordable housing stock by 33% (250 Units) by 2020 to meet the needs of projected eastside job growth.
    • Creating awareness through increased advocacy.
  3. Preservation and Improvement:
    • Invest $4 million into capital improvements of existing properties to ensure preservation and resident satisfaction.
    • Re-syndicate three properties to improve cash-flow, make capital improvements to the properties and reinvest the equity for more affordable housing.

These three strategic goals form the foundation of our efforts in the coming five years, providing an ambitious work plan and compelling story to support our collaboration with strategic partners, community advocates and current/future residents. Equally important is the recognition that while this document will serve as our guide, it is intended to be a living, dynamic plan which is flexible and open to meet the needs of the changing environment in the real world.