"If we are awake we try to be out, it’s healthier for all of us and especially helped Daniel to grow"
- Ted Spencer, DASH Resident

Family Thrives With Access To Abundant Neighborhood Amenities

Working in Bellevue amid the bustle of the city can be rewarding and fun; but if you are a single-income household with limited transportation, finding the right school for your kids and getting to work can also be a major challenge. For the average worker, rent is so out of reach that living close to work seems impossible; sending your child to a quality public school unrealistic; and access to libraries, parks and services unattainable.

Resolving these issues was at the top of Ted Spencer’s list when he and his wife Esther moved to Bellevue more than seven years ago. Ted had acquired a job with the State of Washington. They heard the Bellevue School District was one of the best in the state for children with special needs like their son Daniel. Finding a nice place, one that was safe, close to work and in the school district was critical to their family’s success and to their ability to provide Daniel with the best available resources.

They found an answer to their needs in a DASH property. After doing their research, they applied for housing at Glendale Apartments, one of nine DASH properties designed for adults and families. Living at Glendale, Daniel has access to the support he needs at school. Ted can walk the few blocks to work. The entire family enjoys the local library and especially Wilburton and Crossroads Parks.

The Spencer’s story is unfortunately common. There are thousands of working moms and dads - single and married - struggling to balance housing, food, education and resource needs. While DASH has helped many, the need is escalating. DASH has aggressive growth plans to increase the stock of affordable housing on the Eastside so more families like Ted, Esther and Daniel can thrive, not just survive.


"On seeing Evergreen Court’s tree lined property, I said to my daughter, I’m home"
- Rosa Luedtke, DASH Resident

Golden Years Shine Bright Nearer Family And Friends

It would be hard to find a resident at Evergreen Court more active than Rosa Luedtke. At 90 years young, Rosa’s energy and zest for life can be sensed immediately by simply gazing around her comfortable apartment. Filled with teddy bears and family treasures, Rosa rocks in her chair she brought from her Seattle home.

Rosa and her husband Martin moved to Seattle in 1952 from Minnesota so he could work at Boeing. They raised four children together and lived happily in their home for thirty years. With the children grown, they downsized to Auburn, again establishing roots. As they approached their 80s it became clear that even this home was too difficult to manage. Their daughter Alice, who lives in Bellevue, agreed to research places for her parents to live based on their fixed income.

After visiting a few, Rosa knew when she pulled into the parking lot at Evergreen Court they had found the one. The tree lined property felt instantly familiar. “I’m home,” she told her daughter.
In the ten years that she’s lived here, Rosa embodies the nature of DASH’s Senior Communities. Active on the Council, Rosa helped bring composting to the complex. She and her friends started a resident store with $300 in seed money they earned by hosting a garage sale.
Rosa has contributed several recipes to the kitchen and is particularly proud of her recipes for “Magic Beef Stew” and Custard Bread Pudding. During her spare time she makes quilts to donate to the Issaquah Baby Corner. When Martin passed eight years ago, living in a supportive community helped her through the experience. Speaking of the community, she says, her old friend Wally Slusher established their motto: At Evergreen Court, We Are Family.

DASH’s mission is not only to build affordable properties but to preserve them as well. In 2013, DASH completed a $1.3 million renovation of Evergreen Court to improve quality of life for its residents and exceed neighborhood standards.