DASH’s success is defined by its guiding principles and philosophy and an unwavering commitment to its mission of creating and preserving affordable communities. We are committed to: long-term affordability; maintenance of properties that meets or exceeds neighborhood standards; leadership in expanding resources and improving the delivery system for affordable housing and community development; maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit within a non-profit approach with low overhead; partnering with public and private entities to achieve desired results in a transparent, collaborative spirit.

This work can only be accomplished by bringing “the village” together in a mutually beneficial partnership to support the common goal. This approach is somewhat unique among non-profits. We partner with public agencies, community based non-profits and for-profit corporations and funders to leverage required assets and resources to make affordable living communities a reality for the people we serve.

DASH’s Approach To Affordable Housing

DASH is working to maintain and expand the supply of affordable solutions on three different fronts:

  • Developing and managing our own properties – In the last 28 years, working with community partners and funders, DASH created more than 1,000 units of housing to support individuals and families in the Eastside workforce, seniors and individuals with special needs. During that time we have leveraged $22 million in funding from the public sector as well as $85 million of private investment.
  • Preserving, rehabilitating and managing existing housing – We’ve found that an efficient way to maximize the stock of affordable housing units is simply to preserve and manage what already exists. Over the years we have managed over $100 million in assets and our current portfolio includes 13 properties – four specifically dedicated to serving seniors.
  • Partnering with other developers – Through years of experience working with public agencies and funders to develop affordable housing we have mastered a deep understanding of the complex financing of low income housing tax credits and developer incentives. We can assist other non-profit organizations and for-profit private developers in establishing affordable units.