Although shelter is considered a basic human need in today’s world, many people in King County communities are still living without safe, adequate, affordable housing.  This lack of affordable housing in King County has become such a hardship that many are prevented from meeting their other basic needs, such as food and healthcare, or saving for their future and that of their family.  DASH is remedying this situation one household at a time by providing the basic need of affordable housing to King County communities.

Resident Stories

Family Thrives With Access To Abundant Neighborhood Amenities
For the average worker, rent is so out of reach that living close to work seems impossible; sending your child to a quality public school unrealistic; and access to libraries, parks and services unattainable.

Golden Years Shine Bright Nearer Family And Friends
It would be hard to find a resident at Evergreen Court more active than Rosa Luedtke. At 90 years young, Rosa’s energy and zest for life can be sensed immediately by simply gazing around her comfortable apartment.