Home is where we’re protected. It’s where our health and spirits are restored. It’s where we become empowered, encouraged, and inspired. Too often, though, Home is taken for granted in America.


Healthy habits take root more easily in stable, affordable homes. Children grow strong and adults stay well, and live better.


Children in stable homes learn and achieve more in school. Home helps level the playing field.


Home recharges us for the work or school day ahead, so we better engage with the world around us.

Public Safety

When we take pride in our Home, we can take pride in our community and make it a safer place to live.

The Economy

By having a Home that is affordable, people of all income levels have more to spend and support the economy.

Home Matters® is a national movement that’s redefining the American Dream. We believe the New American Dream is one where every American lives in a safe, nurturing environment with access to quality education, healthcare, public spaces and community services.

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